TV Masters covers all the existing and emerging ways brands can work with TV to deliver business success, focusing on the key skills and know-how you need to get the most out of today’s TV.  

There are six video-based modules in all, totalling around 13 hours of learning. Each module is broken down into a number of manageable lessons, allowing you to progress at your own pace. 

There’s also a test at the end of each module to solidify your learning, as well as a comprehensive reading list and downloadable decks of all the key slides.

Course modules

1. All about viewing

Discover how the UK video landscape is evolving, what roles TV plays in viewers’ lives, and how video on demand has impacted viewing.

The changing viewing landscape
What drives our video viewing

2. All about ads 

Focusing on TV’s role within the video advertising world, how it has changed over time, and how TV works for different categories.

The changing video advertising landscape
Advertising and attention
Who advertises on TV

3. Planning and buying TV

All the theory, research and practical information required to plan and buy a TV campaign, plus best practice on judging campaign success.

The fundamentals of planning and buying
Planning part 1 - Identifying your audience
Planning part 2 - Buying the right audiences
Planning part 3 - The many roles of TV
Planning part 4 - Ad lengths & laydown
Planning part 5 - Ad placement & context
Campaign analysis

4. Advertising effectiveness

Get to grips with the science of marketing effectiveness, media’s role in the story and why TV generates large business effects.

The fundamentals of effectiveness
How media drives effectiveness
Understanding TV's effectiveness
The role of creativity in effectiveness
How to measure effectiveness

5. TV partnerships

Everything from TV sponsorships and promotions to product placement, licencing and advertiser funded programming.

Different partnership opportunities
The benefits of TV partnerships
Making the most of partnerships
Best in class TV partnership examples

6. Advanced TV advertising

Explore the rapidly developing world of data and tech-driven solutions and how they are shaping the future of TV advertising.

All you need to know about advanced TV
Advanced TV Measurement
How the broadcasters are innovating
Advanced TV buying and the wider video world
Best in class advanced TV examples

Winter 2022 course starts Monday 24th January
Enrol from mid-December