Welcome to TV Masters, the complete and fully accredited TV advertising training course, created by Thinkbox.

This free and comprehensive online course has been designed in collaboration with broadcasters, agencies and advertisers to help boost critical skills and knowledge across the industry.

From the latest advanced TV solutions to the practicalities of planning and buying a TV campaign, it covers all the existing and emerging ways brands can work with TV to deliver business success.

TV is a rapidly evolving, dynamic medium. It remains the cornerstone of the most successful ad campaigns and powerfully amplifies the performance of other media. So, a thorough understanding of how TV works and how best to employ it should be a given for anyone working in marketing and advertising.

TV Masters is also the UK’s only complete and fully accredited TV advertising training course, both CPD certified and IPA CPD hours eligible.

So, sign up, join in and master the transforming world of TV advertising.

  • Free online learning

  • Nine on-demand video modules

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow

  • Downloadable charts & additional reading

  • Tests to help you learn

  • CPD certified and IPA CPD hours eligible

Summer 2024 course now open

Who it’s for:

Whether you’re new to TV, an advertising allrounder or a media pro looking for a refresher, TV Masters is essential learning.

It’s designed to be as useful and practical to new starters with everything to learn, as it is to more experienced hands looking to refresh their knowledge and skills.

Most likely, you’ll work in marketing for a brand or at an advertising or media agency. You may even work at a TV company. Or you may be a business leader who wants to broaden their horizons and be able to ask your marketing teams and agencies some tricky questions.

What you’ll cover:

  • All about viewing

    Discover how the UK video landscape is evolving, what part TV plays in viewers’ lives, and how streaming has impacted viewing.

  • All about ads

    Focusing on TV’s role within the video advertising world, how it has changed over time, and how TV works for different categories.

  • Planning & buying TV

    All the theory, research and practical information required to plan and buy a TV campaign, plus best practice on judging campaign success.

  • Advertising effectiveness

    Get to grips with the science of marketing effectiveness, media’s role in the story and why TV generates large business effects.

  • TV partnerships

    Everything from TV sponsorships and promotions to product placement, licencing and advertiser funded programming.

  • Advanced TV advertising

    Explore the rapidly developing world of data and tech-driven solutions and how they are shaping the future of TV advertising.

What you’ll achieve:

A comprehensive understanding of today’s TV and TV advertising

Expertise on how TV works with other media

An informed appreciation of TV’s multiple marketing roles

A command of the principles of advertising effectiveness and how TV drives business growth

Confidence to discuss TV’s digital transformation with clients and colleagues

Insights, tips and skills to be more effective at work

A career-enhancing qualification

How it works:

It’s free

Winter, Summer & Autumn courses

Up to 10 weeks to complete

Learn at your own pace

Nine on-demand video modules

Presented by TV experts

Downloadable charts & additional reading

Tests to help you learn

Optional final exam to earn distinction

CPD certified and IPA CPD hours eligible

Summer 2024 course now open

Meet the instructors

Matt Hill

Research & Planning Director, Thinkbox

Matt has been leading the Research and Planning team at Thinkbox since 2015. Prior to joining, he worked at Channel 5, heading up their Planning & Insight team and representing the broadcaster at the BARB board. He also had roles at Virgin Media and Attentional.

Zoe Harkness

Head of Training, Thinkbox

Zoe started her career in sales at ITV and Channel 4. Then she worked for top media independent agency PHD and after six years there, she was lured back to sales to work for Sky Media. She also has a spell at independent sponsorship agency Sponsorvision, before joining Thinkbox in 2007.

Rupen Shah

Head of Client Services, Thinkbox

Prior to joining Thinkbox in 2018, Rupen spent over 20 years working in a handful of small independents and large network media agencies. In that time, he managed a variety of iconic national and international brands ranging from the Tate Galleries and Time Out to American Express and BP.

Harry Ward Masters

Agency Relationship Manager

Before joining Thinkbox in 2022, Harry spent 8 years working for Broadcaster Channel 4 in the Commercial Sales Team, 4Sales. Starting off at the coal face of the industry in the airtime team before moving in the Client team working directly with clients entering the TV ecosystem for the first time. Whilst at Channel 4, Harry worked on a range of clients from first time TV spenders spending directly up to some of the largest TV spenders in the country. A true believer in the Power of TV and wants to make sure that you all know it.

Matt Chappell

Senior Partner, Gain Theory

Matt is a Senior Partner at Gain Theory, leading key client relationships for major UK brands. He is a marketing effectiveness expert who has partnered with Thinkbox on Profit Ability and the 9 Golden Rules of Marketing Measurement.
CPD Member